Telecom, Media & Technology

Telecom, Media & Technology

Panag & Babu’s Telecom, Media & Technology team has assisted several technology companies, intermediaries, global banks and fintech companies to navigate regulatory challenges stemming from the intersection of law and technology. We help traditional businesses move online, increase their market presence by leveraging technology to expand their digital footprint, and achieve last mile connectivity with end-users, regardless of customer proximity or infrastructure.

Our clients include both established Fortune 500, NYSE & NASDAQ listed companies as well as technology start-ups which are founder-led. We work closely with business to structure their transactions, business operations, products and services in a manner that balances commercial concerns with regulatory compliance.

We often consult with financial and securities market regulators on emerging areas of regulation and technology so as to ensure that our clients are updated and aligned to evolving regulation as law catches up with technological advancements. Our knowledge of regulatory trends and evolving practices enables us to anticipate how regulatory changes could impact our clients’ businesses. Our team has worked closely with credit rating agencies, healthcare and pharma giants, software service providers, messaging platforms, biometric KYC solution providers, smart devices, peer to peer lending platforms, online marketplaces and exchanges to structure operations in a manner that avoids triggering licensing requirements and avoid intermediary liability. We have also advised on bespoke queries regarding intermediary liability, enforcement of electronic contracts, algorithmic trading and countering algorithmic bias, regulation of artificial intelligence and issues relating to digital currencies.

We also advise on a range of data privacy issues associated with the fintech sector, such as concerns relating to handling of KYC data, banking secrecy, big-data analytics, anonymization, establishing consent frameworks to enable use of customer data, data localization, cybersecurity incident management, and responding to queries and access requests from regulators.

We also assist with transactional privacy-related challenges arising out acquisitions and business transfers, such as those relating to migration or acquisition of customer data, as well as analytical data based on underlying personal information. We have advised clients on bespoke queries specific to challenges arising in the banking, airline, hospitality, and healthcare sectors.


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